Concerned about your impact on the environment? Make your own donuts!

If you already recycle, compost where/when you can, bring your own bags to the store, and always carry a refillable water bottle, here's one more environmentally friendly idea for you: make your own donuts!

How is that an eco-friendly choice, you ask? Every time you choose to bake at home instead of visiting your local bakery, you are helping to mitigate two environmental issues, plastic waste and food waste. 

It's a sad reality but there is simply a lot of waste in commercial kitchens and bakeries. As required by the health department, a fresh pair of single use plastic gloves must be used for every production task, meaning that over the course of the day in a bakery, hundreds of plastic gloves are tossed into the garbage. In addition to plastic gloves, plastic piping bags and plastic wrap are also used in abundance. 

Food waste, regardless of the type of food establishment, is another big problem. Food establishments utilize historical sales data to figure out how much product they should make on a given day but it's a moving target that's hard to dial in. As such, over production is common. Over produced food with a short shelf life (like donuts and breakfast pastries) end up getting tossed at the end of the day. Though they are hopefully being composted, these over produced foods are still a strain on the environment by way of wasted ingredients, packaging, and energy usage.

So how can you help? When you choose to make donuts at home, whether from scratch or from a mix like ours, you eliminate the need for plastic gloves and piping bags. In your own kitchen, you control the quantity and if you happen to make a little too much, those extras become leftovers (yay!), not garbage. Embracing homemade is just one more way you can minimize your environmental footprint. Plus, who doesn't love homemade?!