Donut Pan Review

If you're in the market for a donut pan, you've come to the right page. Below you will find a review for two of the highest rated donut pans on the market. Both work well with Squeaky Little Wheel Donut Mixes and we can honestly recommend both, but each does have pros and cons.

We have removed the NorPro donut pan from our review as we can no longer recommend this product. While some pans worked well, we experienced inconsistencies in quality.

 Wilton Donut Pan

The Wilton Doughnut Pan is the least expensive of the pans we reviewed. This pan produces a slightly smaller, thinner donut than the other pan. 

It also has a shorter stem so the donut hole is less pronounced and in some test batches, missing entirely. This can be easily remedied after they bake with a small circular object such an icing tip or, if they're just for you or family, a clean finger poked through the warm donut to enlarge the hole. You could also add less batter to each well and produce more donuts, albeit smaller ones.

Wilton also makes a mini donut pan, producing one bite donut. The Wilton mini pan is perfect for toaster ovens but be warned, it does produce a tiny donut. 


Wilton Doughnut Pan Details

Price: $9.50 - $11.99 at most retailers (2-pack on Amazon sells for $13.50)

Dimensions: 12.68 x 8.15 x 1.1 in

Quantity of donuts with Squeaky Little Wheel Mix: We made 6 vanilla donuts in this pan with one box of donut mix but the wells were very full though a customer reported that she got 10 donuts out of this pan with one box of the chocolate mix so the quantity varies depending on how full you fill the wells. 

Care: Dishwasher safe

Made in: China

Where to buy: Michaels Crafts, JoAnn Fabric and Craft, Walmart, Amazon 

Pros: Easy to find, inexpensive, dishwasher safe, more compact and could probably fit in a larger toaster oven, cleans up easily, recipes included on packaging, can fit two pans on oven rack at once (if making multiple donut batches).

Cons: Short stem in the donut well can leave donut without a hole, produces a slightly smaller donut.


USA Pan Donut Pan

The USA Pan Donut Pan is the cadillac of donut pans. It's substantial in both weight and size. It's made of of thick aluminized steel (65% of it from recycled steel!) and features an eco-friendly nonstick silicone coating that contains no PTFEs or PFOAs. This pan is made in the USA.

Donuts baked in this pan bake up to a nice standard size with the donut hole intact. They are perfectly fluffy, evenly browned on the bottom, and fall right out of the pan with no sticking or coaxing. This truly is the perfect pan. 

This is also a pricey pan, comparatively. This pan retails for $23.99 to $25.99, depending on the store. This is a pan for a serious baker, someone that values high quality/long lasting products, and someone with ample cupboard space (it's as big as the cooling rack below it).

One thing to note on this pan. The instructions explicitly state that spray oil is not recommended. Though it is a non stick pan, we would not risk not using oil so you would want to grease the wells the old fashioned way.

USA Pan Donut Details

Price: $23.99 - $25.99 at most retailers

Dimensions: 15.75 x 11.25 x 1.25 in

Quantity of Donuts with Squeaky Little Wheel Mix: 6

Care: Hand wash only

Made in: USA

Where to buy: Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sur La Table

Pros: Produces a full size donut, with a donut hole, bakes up perfectly, truly non stick, cleans up easily, made in the USA.

Cons: Large size, twice the price of most other pans, spray oil discouraged, no recipes included on packaging, could only fit one pan on oven rack at a time (if baking multiple batches at once).