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About Squeaky Little Wheel Bakery


Squeaky Little Wheel Bakery's mission is simple. Produce delicious donuts and donut mixes for customers who value homemade but enjoy convenience.

Our donuts and mixes are:

  • Free from dairy, eggs, animal products, soy, artificial colors, and artificial flavors.
  • Made with high quality recognizable ingredients you would find in your own kitchen.
  • Packaged with the environment in mind.
  • Made in Denver, Colorado (tested and perfected at 5400 feet).



We value honesty, integrity, and transparency.

As such, we commit to:

  • Being clear about what is and what is not in our products. You have a right to know what's in your food.
  • Only using ingredients we would feed to our own family and friends. We love these people so it goes without saying, we only use high quality ingredients from sources we trust.
  • Making eco-friendly packaging decisions whenever possible. Our boxes for our fresh baked treats are biodegradable and recyclable. The packaging we use for our mixes is intentionally minimalist (we would like to think that you're buying our product for the yummy mixes, not a pretty package.) External boxes are recyclable and our ingredient bags are made from plants and are 100% compostable.


Who is behind Squeaky Little Wheel?

Shannon Lovelace-White launched Squeaky Little Wheel Bakery in May 2019. Prior to launching, Shannon worked at a bakery in Denver. It was not until she worked in a commercial kitchen that Shannon understood just how much waste was associated with commercial food production. From the copious amounts of single use gloves (a health department requirement), to the plastic piping bags, to the over produced baked goods that were tossed at the end of the day, Shannon knew there had to be a more eco friendly way to feed America's donut addiction.

Thinking about how she could solve that problem, Shannon began to tinker in her home kitchen to figure out how she could convert her own recipes into mixes that could produce bakery-style donuts in a home kitchen, thereby eliminating plastic waste and ensuring less food waste in the process.

Upon sending her sister an eco friendly care package with everything she needed to make donuts in her own kitchen, Shannon knew she was on to something and Squeaky Little Wheel Bakery was born!

In addition to donut mixes, Squeaky Little Wheel Bakery also produces made-to-order fresh baked donuts.