Squeaky Little Wheel Bakery is now permanently closed. A heartfelt thank you to everyone that supported this local business! ❤️

Cupcakes (6)

Cupcakes (6)

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Our same delicious cake donut batter baked up as cupcakes!

Cupcake flavors can be mixed and matched in increments of six for a total of one dozen or combined with donuts to meet the minimum order requirement of one dozen.

Chocolate Cupcake Options:

  • German Chocolate Cake icing (also contains cashew and pecan)
  • Chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles
  • Chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles
  • Chocolate icing and coconut
  • Chocolate icing, no topping
  • Raspberry icing and rainbow sprinkles
  • Raspberry icing, no topping
  • Vanilla icing and chocolate sprinkles

Vanilla Cupcake Options:

  • Vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles
  • Vanilla icing and coconut
  • Vanilla icing, no topping
  • Lemon icing and rainbow sprinkles
  • Lemon icing and coconut
  • Lemon icing, no topping
  • Raspberry icing with rainbow sprinkles
  • Raspberry icing, no topping
  • Chocolate icing with rainbow sprinkles

Lemon Cupcake Options:

  • Lemon cake, lemon icing, and rainbow sprinkles
  • Lemon cake, lemon icing, topped with coconut
  • Lemon cake with lemon poppy seed icing


All of our products are made without dairy, eggs, soy, honey, artificial colors or artificial flavors.  

Contains: Wheat, Coconut, and Apple. Please see individual labels for full ingredients.